Our policy work is overseen by a range of committees, each one made up of a Chair and between 10 and 30 people from our member companies. We currently have 20 committees covering a wide range of issues and industry sectors.

Download a full list of all BPF committees and members.

If you'd like to get involved with the work of any of our committees, we also have set up committee associates, so that people can have an involvement with committees that interest them. Find out more about becoming a committee associate.

Committees are supported by members of our team.

Commercial Committee

Currently working on: Reviewing and updating the lease code and service charge code; looking at reforms to the Landlord and Tenant Act 1954.
Chair: Tim Cooper, Land Securities
Secretariat: Stephanie Pollitt

Construction Committee

Currently working on: Prompt payment and payment practices; ensuring that requirements in the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 are proportionate; reviewing the committee's 2011 utilities guide to determine if there have been changes to the regime.
Chair: Allan Atkinson, M&G Real Estate
Secretariat: Patrick Brown

Development Committee

Currently working on: Ensuring that the OJEU process is not a barrier to development; promoting the benefits of tax increment financing (TIF).
Chair: Will Colthorpe, Argent
Secretariat: Sam Jenkins

Finance Committee

Currently working on: Issues affecting the supply of debt and equity capital to real estate, including BEPS, the new lease accounting standard, and industry/market developments.
Chair: Nick Edwards, Moorfield Group
Secretariat: Ion Fletcher, Rachel Kelly

Healthcare Committee

Currently working on: Setting out need for better-designed GP practices and residential care homes; revised Premises Costs Directions; Law Commission consultation on event fees.
Chair: Andrew Darke, Assura Group
Secretariat: Patrick Brown, Rachel Campbell

Industrial Committee

Currently working on: Highlighting the need to build sustainable communities with a good balance of housing, employment and leisure; organising site visits with civil servants to industrial sites.
Chair: Gareth Osborn, SEGRO
Secretariat: Rachel Campbell

Insolvency Committee

Currently working on: Ongoing reforms to the insolvency system; working with R3 on possible new SIPs regarding CVAs.
Chair: John Cook, Capital & Regional
Secretariat: Stephanie Pollitt

Insurance Committee

Currently working on: Cyber insurance in real estate; the Insurance Distribution Directive; the LMA template broker letter and guidance for insurance provisions in lending agreements.
Chair: Robert McNally, iREDD
Secretariat: Sam Jenkins

Planning Committee

Currently working on: Neighbourhood Planning Bill; starter homes policy; brownfield local development orders.
Chair: Adrian Penfold, British Land
Secretariat: Stephanie Pollitt

Policy Committee

Currently working on: BPF Strategy 2015-20; real estate response to the EU referendum; other key issues such as finance and tax, planning and development, and residential investment.
Chair: Paul Brundage, Oxford Properties
Secretariat: Rachel Campbell

Regulatory Committee

Currently working on: Regulatory reporting regimes; comparing approaches to financial regulation.
Secretariat: Ion Fletcher, Rachel Kelly

Residential Board

Currently working on: Providing evidence to the Housing Minister of proposals to address the viability challenge for build to rent.
Chair: Duncan Salvesen, Dorrington
Secretariat: Ian Fletcher, Will Bushby

Residential Management Committee

Currently working on: Proposals to widen the scope of landlord licensing; the consultation process to conduct major works on leasehold blocks; the Law Commission consultation.
Chair: John Dyer, Savills
Secretariat: Ian Fletcher, Will Bushby

Student Accommodation Committee

Currently working on: Waste collection payment and council tax for purpose-built student accommodation purposes; affordable student accommodation requirements in the London Plan.
Chair: David Tymms, Vero Group
Secretariat: Sam Jenkins

Sustainability Committee

Currently working on: DECC Policy Simplification Review; a guide on post-occupancy evaluation for buildings built without a specific occupier in mind; the energy efficiency finance gap for Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards compliance.
Chair: Sarah Cary, British Land
Secretariat: Patrick Brown

Tax Committee

Currently working on: BEPS proposals to restrict tax relief on interest costs; substantial shareholding exemption; proposals to reform the system of corporation tax loss relief.
Chair: Jeremy Moore, Grosvenor
Secretariat: Ion Fletcher, Rachel Kelly

VAT Committee

Currently working on: Guidance on TOGS; OTT disapplication and land and property; the impact of Brexit on VAT in the UK.
Chair: Colin Smith, M&G Real Estate
Secretariat: Ion Fletcher, Rachel Kelly

Build to Rent Sub-Committee

Currently working on: Reviewing planning policy for build to rent, engaging with local authorities and promoting the benefits of build to rent. 
Chair: Andrew Stanford, LaSalle Investment Management
Secretariat: Ian Fletcher, Will Bushby

Communications Committee

Currently working on: Supporting other BPF committees; providing strategic oversight of larger policy issues affecting the BPF, supporting proactive engagement with other stakeholders.
Chair: Kurt Mueller, Grainger
Secretariat: Communications team

Regional forums

Secretariat: Rachel Campbell

We have established forums of members and local developers in key city regions across England and Wales, and hold quarterly meetings and seminars in Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester and Newcastle.

Discussions focus on the perspective from individual regions on current BPF initiatives, the state of the market and barriers to development in each area, and how the public and private sectors can work together to attract investment.