About UK REITs

Deloitte - Comparison of Investor Returns - August 2014
A comparison of investor returns from a UK REIT and a UK taxable company - August 2014

UK REIT list

A complete list of UK REITs with links to company information and performance data.

UK REITs - a summary of the regime - August 2014

A summary from Deloitte including the required conditions for becoming a REIT and remaining within the regime.

EPRA global REIT survey 2010

Read the latest edition of the European Real Estate Association's authoritative annual review of the global REIT story.

Property performance chart

Chart the performance of the FTSE EPRA/NAREIT REITs and non REITs indices.

UK index NAV discount chart

See the change in the ratio of share prices and published net value of assets for UK REITS and Non-REITS indices.

FTSE UK commercial property index chart

This chart offers a daily performance measure of investable, institutional-grade, UK commercial property.