We have 19 committees covering a range of issues and industry sectors. Each committee is comprised of representatives from BPF members, and usually meets four times a year. Scroll down for the list of committees, the BPF team member who looks after each committee, and a brief overview of the issues they are covering. Many of our committees are very popular, and hence we operate a ‘waiting list’ for some committees. We also have a goal to achieve minimum 30% female representation on all committees, in line with our D&I policy. If you are interested in joining a committee, please email the relevant member of the BPF team.  

We welcome Associate members of any Committee too. This option enables you to receive papers, minutes and invitations to contribute to submissions and Government consultations, and invitations to relevant events – without attending the meetings. Find out more about ways to get involved and register on our email preferences web form.

Download a full list of all BPF committees and members.

Commercial Committee

Currently working on: Issues surrounding the Electronic Communications Code (ECC); lobbying for reform of the 1954 Landlord and Tenant Act; the RICS Service Charge Code review; and, considering how technology is changing the way real estate operates.​
Chair: Tim Cooper, Landsec
Secretariat: Laurence Raeburn-Smith

Construction Committee

Currently working on: Representing clients views on the government’s review of retention payments in the construction industry; working on a BIM Guide for Construction Clients; engaging with Dame Judith Hackitt’s Independent Review of Building Regulations and Fire Safety.
Chair: Alan Bunting, British Land.
Secretariat: Sam Bensted

Development Committee

Currently working on: Best practice in public/private partnerships; considering opportunities to improve procurement methodology and practices; promoting stewardship as key to delivering sustainable communities.​
Chair: Matthew Sampson, U+I Group PLC
Secretariat: Alex Green

Finance Committee

Currently working on: Issues affecting the supply of debt and equity capital to real estate, including BEPS, the new lease accounting standard, and industry/market developments.
Chair: Heather Day, PGIM
Secretariat: Ion Fletcher, Rachel Kelly

Healthcare Committee

Currently working on: The provision of housing for older people including retirement living and housing with care; innovation in health and care infrastructure; contributing to a fit for purpose NHS estate.​
Chair: Jonathan Murphy, Assura
Secretariat: Alex Green

Industrial Committee

Currently working on: Ensuring revised planning policy includes more detail on employment land reviews; leading campaign to tackle fly-tipping on industrial premises; contributing to the revision of the London Plan.
Chair: Gwyn Stubbings, Gazeley
Secretariat: Sam Benstead

Insolvency Committee

Currently working on: Engaging on prospective CVAs ahead of launch; lobbying Government and all other relevant parties to ensure the CVA process is not being abused; assisting Government with its proposed changes to the corporate insolvency framework; helping ensure the Pre-Pack Pool is meeting its agenda; and, seeking to address issues with Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery (CRAR).​
Chair: Gareth Williams, Landsec
Secretariat: Laurence Raeburn-Smith

Insurance Committee

Currently working on: Assessing issues related to cyber insurance for real estate; lobbying Government to extend Flood Re’s remit to the leasehold and PRS sectors; and, working to ensure that the Building a Safer Future proposals account for insurance implications.​
Chair: Robert McNally, iREDD
Secretariat: Laurence Raeburn-Smith

Planning Committee

Currently working on: Sector response to the Revised National Planning Policy Framework;  Independent Review of Planning Appeal Inquiries; sector view on developer contributions; London Plan Examination in Public.
Chair: Peter Mail, LandSec 
Secretariat: Sam Bensted

Policy Committee

Currently working on: Real estate response to the EU referendum; reviewing the proposed Industrial Strategy; other key issues such as finance and tax reform and residential policy.
Chair: David Partridge, Argent
Secretariat: Alex Green

Regulatory Committee

Currently working on: Regulatory reporting regimes; comparing approaches to financial regulation; introduction of a register of overseas property owners in the UK.
Secretariat: Ion Fletcher, Rachel Kelly

Residential Board

Currently working on: The Housing White Paper; longer tenancies and the banning of letting agents fees; reducing the impact of the 3% SDLT surcharge for build to rent.
Chair: Alex Greaves, M&G 
Secretariat: James Simondson

Residential Management Committee

Currently working on: Leasehold issues in the Housing White Paper; negotiating a review of the consultation process to conduct major works on leasehold blocks.
Chair: Tracey Hartley, Howard de Walden
Secretariat: James Simondson​

Student Accommodation Committee

Currently working on: Promoting the importance of purpose-built student accommodation; tackling tax issues for the sector; seeking an exemption from Selective Licensing for PBSA; issues surrounding the abolition of Section 21; university collaboration; the implications of the Building a Safer Future proposals for the sector; and, student wellbeing in the sector. ​
Chair: David Tymms, iQ Student Accommodation 
Secretariat: Laurence Raeburn-Smith

Sustainability Committee

Currently working on: Advocating for zero carbon building standards; encourage better understanding and assessment of climate risk and resilience in real estate decision making; understanding and promoting the impact of circular design and building processes.  ​
Chair: Richard Quartermaine, Hammerson
Secretariat: Alex Green

Tax Committee

Currently working on: BEPS proposals to restrict tax relief on interest costs; substantial shareholding exemption; proposals to reform the system of corporation tax loss relief.
Chair: Tracy Dossett, Brockton Everlast ​
Secretariat: Ion Fletcher, Rachel Kelly

VAT Committee

Currently working on: Engaging with the Office for TAX Simplification’s call for evidence; seeking clarity on HMRC’s approach to real estate VAT issues; the impact of Brexit on VAT in the UK.
Chair: Colin Smith, M&G Real Estate
Secretariat: Ion Fletcher, Rachel Kelly

Build to Rent Sub-Committee

Currently working on: Responding to the DCLG consultation on planning and affordable housing for build to rent; promoting the benefits of build to rent to local authorities; reducing the impact of the 3% SDLT surcharge for build to rent.
Chair: Andrew Stanford, LaSalle Investment Management
Secretariat: James Simondson

Communications Committee

Currently working on: Supporting BPF engagement on Brexit, the Industrial Strategy, and creating great places; supporting proactive engagement with other stakeholders.
Chair: Kurt Mueller, Grainger
Secretariat: Drew McNeill

Regional forums

We have established forums of members and local developers in key city regions across England and Wales, and hold quarterly meetings and seminars in Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester and Newcastle.

Discussions focus on the perspective from individual regions on current BPF initiatives, the state of the market and barriers to development in each area, and how the public and private sectors can work together to attract investment.

Please contact Kirsty Wade-Potter.