Diversity and Inclusivity

We launched our statement of principles to support a diverse and inclusive real estate industry at the BPF President's Lunch 2017.

While the BPF has historically supported member and industry stakeholder diversity and inclusivity initiatives, these principles mark the next step of the BPF’s campaign to unite the industry and use its collective weight to influence change. 

BPF statement of principles for a diverse and inclusive real estate industry

The BPF believes that as the voice of the real estate industry, we have a role to play in fostering an environment that promotes a culture of equality and inclusion and which attracts the broadest range of talent from all parts of society.

We will use our voice to influence change, to share best practice and to support our members and others who are working to achieve greater diversity and inclusion within the industry.

We expect our member companies to commit themselves to this agenda and to supporting the collective effort to create a more diverse and inclusive industry.

In working for change, the BPF will ensure that all of its events and activities are diverse and inclusive, and will hold itself to the highest standards of behaviour and respect for others. BPF staff will not support external events which do not uphold similar principles.

By attending BPF committees and events, or representing the BPF externally, individuals from our member companies are also expected to uphold the BPF’s principles and to ensure that they do not undermine the BPF or the industry’s work to promote a positive vision for a more diverse and inclusive UK property industry.     

Our initial partners for promoting diversity and inclusivity in real estate are:

We have also launched our own network for junior professionals in real estate: