BPF Licence to Occupy on Short Term Basis

Further to the requirements of the NHS and associated organisations to occupy new premises on a short term basis to help fight against COVID-19, we have, with the help of our members, produced a template Licence to Occupy that can be used by relevant parties to coordinate and agree the short term occupation of commercial properties.

Licence to Occupy Template - download here.

BPF Guidance and Statement of Use

In order to assist the NHS and associated organisations, we have developed a standard Licence to Occupy to help with an increasing need to occupy new commercial properties on a temporary basis in the fight to combat the spread of COVID-19. Given the speed at which healthcare services need to be set up in such circumstances, it was felt that an industry template developed in agreement with commercial property owners would expedite the process whilst providing both parties (licensor and licensee) with confidence that the terms of the licence are balanced and commercially acceptable.

With this in mind, the BPF acquired support from its members (covering lawyers, commercial property owners, and healthcare providers) with a view to creating a template Licence to Occupy on Short Term Basis.

The template has been created to represent what BPF members believe to be a fair and reasonable position for both parties and reflecting general market standards and government guidance at the time of publication.

The Licence to Occupy is a legal document that will have a binding effect and is only intended for use in relation to property in England and Wales. In producing it, we have tried to cover most common circumstances and conditions. However, how appropriate they are will depend on your property's specific circumstances and your requirements as a landlord and/or property occupier. You may wish to take legal advice on the suitability of the document to your individual circumstances.

Although great care has been taken in the compilation and preparation of the Licence to Occupy to ensure accuracy, the British Property Federation and its members cannot in any circumstances accept responsibility for errors, omissions or advice given in this publication.

The British Property Federation and its staff and its members cannot accept any liability arising from the use of the template Licence to Occupy or from the contents of this guidance as created.

The licence has been prepared under English legislation as at 1 May 2020 and reflecting general market standards at the current time. By creating this document, you (the person or company identified as the 'licensor' on page 2) agree to abide by these conditions.

For further information about the Licence to Occupy please contact Alex Green