How Can London Deliver More Homes ?

'Navigating the Politics & Policies of Planning in London'

6 Mar 201903/06/2019 07:30am 03/06/2019 09:30am How Can London Deliver More Homes ? Breakfast event The Dorchester, Park Lane, London, W1K 1QA Europe/London public

07:30 - 09:30

The Dorchester, Park Lane, London, W1K 1QA

Despite an urgent need to build and deliver more homes, London is now witnessing a turbulent period in the housing Market with a recent report showing a 15% decline in new home starts in 2018 and some evidence that housebuilders are focusing their development programmes outside of London. The Mayor is being given nearly £5bn by HMT to build over 115,000 affordable homes by 2022, yet London is currently delivering significantly less affordable homes than it has done year on year over the past decade. Against this backcloth, the draft London Plan seeks to deliver 66,000 homes per year for the next ten years. Is this realistic? Can the planning system and resources across London cope with the number of applications? What needs to change?

At this event a first-class panel will discuss the challenges of navigating the politics and policies of planning in London: Andy Hill heads up the Hill Group - housebuilders focused on London and the Home Counties, delivering a mix of homes, often in partnership with Local Authorities. He will be able to provide the housebuilders perspective on the planning system. David Lunts, the highly respected Director of Housing at the GLA, will give us an insight into GLA policy, its primary objectives and their expectations for the housebuilding community. Alice Lester MBE heads up planning, transport and licensing at Brent Council. She will be able to deliver the Borough’s approach and their policy to housebuilding (and the challenges of delivering 29,150 more homes in the next decade, to meet Brent’s part in the New London Plan). Stewart Murray, Strategic Director - Economic Growth at Waltham Forrest, and former GLA planning Chief, will provide an interesting perspective; bearing in mind his background and current role. In addition to inward investment, 17,940 homes are needed to meet the Plan.

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