BPF praises Economic Affairs Committee’s housing recommendations

15 Jul 2016

Policy area: Residential

The British Property Federation has commented on the findings of the House of Lords Select Committee on Economic Affairs report 'Building more homes'.

The report, published today, is the result of an enquiry that included close consultation with the real estate industry and an evidence session with former BPF President Chris Taylor, chief executive of Hermes Real Estate. 

Ian Fletcher, director of policy (real estate), at the British Property Federation, said: “Their Lordships have delivered a very comprehensive and balanced report that is suitably ambitious if we are to close the gap in housing provision. 

“Their observations on the need to promote all tenures in pursuit of raising housing supply are spot on. Acknowledgement of the role institutions can play in providing much needed long term funding for build to rent accommodation, which is able to deliver additional housing supply on a significant scale, is welcome, as is the Committee’s observations on the SDLT surcharge hampering additional rented supply. 

“The Committee’s recommendations on planning are generally well considered, as is their principles for community infrastructure levy reform. We support their call to allow local councils to vary planning fees, although we would rather this promoted some service level agreement, than just operating with a cap.”