BPF warns that changes to energy efficiency building regulations could affect investment

10 Jul 2015

Policy area: Sustainability

The British Property Federation (BPF) has asked Government to provide urgent clarity on their decision not to proceed with the Allowable Solutions carbon offsetting scheme and to keep on-site energy efficiency regulations under review.

As part of its 'Productivity Plan' published today, Government has announced that it does not intend to continue the requirement on builders to offset new-build carbon emissions by making a contribution to carbon reduction elsewhere, in an effort to reduce net regulation on the industry.

Responding to the announcement, the BPF emphasised the importance of ensuring that the commercial real estate industry is given advance notice of changes to the building standards it is expected to meet, to ensure that uncertainty does not deter vital investment in the built environment.

Melanie Leech, chief executive of the BPF, said: "Today’s abandonment of the allowable solutions mechanism is short-sighted with respect to both the Government's long-term carbon budgets and the European Union's obligations for nearly-zero energy buildings from 2020. Keeping the on-site energy efficiency regulations ‘under review’, with no discernible end in sight, undermines the regulatory certainty that industry requires.

"It is imperative that we tackle housing shortages, but there is equally a need to manage the security of energy supplies and to diversify our energy mix.”