Portas Review: Landlords to discuss High Street renewal with Mary Portas

5 Sep 2011

Policy area: Town centre & Retail

The British Property Federation has stressed the need for greater investment in Britain’s high streets ahead of a meeting with retail guru Mary Portas today.

The BPF, alongside the chief executives of some of the UK’s largest property companies, will meet with Mary Portas this afternoon as part of her review of how government, local authorities and businesses can promote the development of more prosperous and diverse high streets.

BPF policy director Ian Fletcher said: “We are pleased to be meeting with Mary to discuss the perspective of landlords as part of her evidence gathering, and very keen to stress the need for greater investment in our high streets in order to provide an environment in which the nation’s retailers can thrive.

“Landlords clearly have a significant interest in ensuring our high streets prosper, and so the planning regime, high street management and local leadership will all be in focus as part of our private discussions.”