Property industry: Brexit cannot distract us from building more homes

3 Oct 2016

Policy area: Residential

The British Property Federation has welcomed announcements made by Communities Secretary Sajid Javid to boost the building of new homes at the Conservative Party Conference.

Melanie Leech, chief executive of the British Property Federation, said: “We are glad to see Government getting on with 'business as usual'. Brexit cannot be allowed to distract us all from the pressing need to build more homes.

“Plans to use surplus public land to build homes faster and changes to planning rules to help build on brownfield land are both very welcome news, particularly for the build to rent sector. Purpose-built rental development mostly takes place on brownfield land and therefore anything that helps with planning will be welcomed with open arms by our sector. We look forward to more details on use of public land and modern construction techniques, which are being embraced by the build to rent sector.”