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As a member of the BPF you will receive a range of benefits and opportunities, from information and networking to Government engagement.

Our members are organisations rather than individuals, and we welcome any organisation that owns, invests in or manages real estate, or provides professional services to companies that do.

Why join the BPF?

Through joining the BPF you will:

  • Have a voice as part of an influential body representing the major industry players. Help to set our wide-ranging agenda, which currently includes areas as diverse as European financial legislation, bank lending, UK tax rules, through landlord/tenant relationships and rights to light, to detailed planning and energy reduction policy.
  • Benefit from our authoritative team of policy and communications experts. Avoid the need for costly, and far less effective, consultants to promote and protect your interests.
  • Receive information and analysis about EU, UK and Scottish legislative and regulatory changes. We will send you summary news on latest developments and hot issues and you can access a wide range of analysis and more detailed briefings on key issues for your business.
  • Get insights into political thinking and future policy through our unique engagement with senior politicians and officials. Engage with decision makers, and their advisers, to make your voice heard as they set their agenda as it relates to UK real estate. You will contribute to a better deal for your own business and the industry in general, potentially saving you millions of pounds and reducing/removing barriers to growth and development.
  • Network with and gain a greater understanding of your peers’ perspectives on the key issues facing the industry. Take a look at a list of our members.
  • Receive all benefits of BPF Futures for free. BPF Futures is our network for people with 10 years' experience or less working in the real estate industry. 

What our Presidential Team says

"Membership of the BPF ensures that our company is plugged into Government thinking that will affect our business in the years ahead, and provides unrivalled access to the most senior executives across the property industry."
- David Sleath, BPF Immediate Past President and Chief Executive, SEGRO

“Hermes supports the BPF as the most effective body for influencing Government in how it seeks to regard property as a key driver of growth within the UK economy. As a responsible property investor we are delighted at the role BPF adopts in confronting the key emerging themes affecting the industry relating to technology, urbanisation, globalisation and demographics.”
- Chris Taylor, BPF Past President and Chief Executive, Hermes Real Estate

What does it cost and how do I join?

The cost of corporate membership varies depending on type of company, and sometimes on gross assets, turnover, or number of Partners and Associates.

You can apply to become a member by filling out and returning the application form below. Or, if you'd like more information first, get in touch with Kirsty Wade-Potter (