Organisations join the BPF because they recognise that our influence benefits the whole industry, and want to have their say.

We currently have around 500 members:

  • 31% are real estate companies (who provide just over half of our income)
  • 9% are institutional investors and fund managers
  • 3% are investment banks
  • 4% are companies that have property assets (like utilities and supermarket chains)
  • 3% are housing associations
  • 36% are professional firms like lawyers, agents, planners and accountants
  • 10% are other companies with an interest in property (such as construction, insurance and services)
  • 2% are affiliated organisations (mainly small residential landlord bodies).

“The BPF thinks, operates and produces information and guidance at a very high level, while representing the industry where it matters. This helps us steer the course for our commercial and residential businesses – we don’t regard membership as optional.”
- Alan Leibowitz, Joint Managing Director, Dorrington

You can view a list of some our members below. Some have chosen not to be listed.

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