BPF build to rent map of the UK

The quarterly BPF build to rent map plots build to rent schemes across the UK aimed at the institutional investment market.

  • There are now 167,853 build-to-rent homes in the UK, including both London and the regions, of which 47,754 are complete, 34,132 under construction and 80,730 in planning
  • In London, there are a total of 77,568 units
  • Outside London, there are 90,285 units

Click on the places plotted on the map to find out more about each development, including the developer and the number of units. This research is produced by Savills for the BPF and draws on data from Molior.

If you have developed, or are developing, a build to rent scheme that isn't plotted on the map, fill out our quick online form to let us know.

Purple =  completed schemes
Aqua Blue = in construction
Light Green = in planning