BPF Launches Micro-Living Definitions Research - Infographic

The government has identified that in order to meet the UK’s pressing housing need we will collectively need to deliver 300,000 homes a year. The enormity of the task ahead lends itself to a multitude of solutions, and the BPF is keen to explore the housing options that are currently on offer, and where lessons may be learnt from international experiences. The BPF in collaboration with JLL has undertaken research in aid of defining housing models that fall within the category that we are now terming ‘Micro Living’. These models typically deliver homes that do not conform to the UK’s current minimum space standards and can be delivered in a multitude of forms. In order to understand the Micro Living sector the BPF and JLL have produced two documents that we hope will draw and stimulate a debate around the partial role that Micro Living solutions may or may not play in reaching the 300,000 home target. We would encourage any interested parties to review our Micro Living infographic and our Micro Living Defined report, engage us with any views on this topic, and keep an eye out for our associated event coming soon. Click to download the full report.