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+ Annual Planning Survey 2015

The fifth Annual Planning Survey was developed in partnership with GL Hearn, reviews key statistics on major planning applications in Greater London, Greater Manchester and Bristol and surrounding area during 2014-15, and compares the results with previous years.

15 Oct 2015

+ BPF briefing on the Housing and Planning Bill 2015

Our brief on the Housing and Planning Bill covers the sections of the Bill of most interest to our members, and explains what exactly is being proposed.

13 Oct 2015

+ BPF response to Replacing Wear and Tear Allowance with Tax Relief for Replacing Furnishings in Let Residential Dwelling-Houses

Our response to this HMRC consultation on the replacement of the wear and tear allowance is supportive of the intention to introduce greater fairness and simplicity into the tax system, but argues that the Government extend the capital allowances regime to investors in residential property.

9 Oct 2015

+ Buyers Leasehold Information Summary - LPE2

We supported the creation of the Buyers Leasehold Information Summary (LPE2), in addition to the existing LPE1, to provide further information to incoming lessees to give them a better understan

30 Sep 2015

+ Leasehold Property Enquiries - LPE1

We supported the creation of this standardised questionnaire for residential leasehold transactions, designed to help speed up the process. It was updated to a second edition in 2015.

30 Sep 2015

+ BPF response to Sunday Trading Consultation

Our response to the DCLG and BIS consultation is supportive of proposals to devolve Sunday trading rules to all local authorities, advising that these powers are devolved to whole local authority areas.

17 Sep 2015

+ BPF response to 'Questions to inform the full review of the London Plan'

Our response to the Outer London Commission's questions on the London Plan touches on a range of topics, including housing delivery, Build to Rent, student accommodation, compulsory purchase (CPO), Housing Zones, use of public land, and construction methods.

16 Sep 2015

+ BPF response to ‘Inquiry into the Cities and Local Government Devolution Bill’

Our response to this Communities and Local Government Select Committee inquiry is supportive of the Cities and Local Government Devolution Bill as a step in the right direction towards providing local areas with the tools they need to create jobs, bring forward homes and encourage inward investme

1 Sep 2015

+ Investment in care homes

This paper outlines the growing need for modern, fit-for-purpose care homes. It explains how an increased provision of care homes can provide benefits to patients and long-term savings to the NHS, and outlines the role the private sector can play in delivery.

28 Aug 2015

+ BPF response to 'Draft Regulatory Technical Standards on Assigning Risk Weights to Specialised Lending Exposures'

Our response to this EBA consultation on slotting, the regulatory capital mechanism that UK banks must use for real estate lending, notes that slotting is overly simplistic, requires banks to hold more capital than is economically warranted, and has created competitive distortions.

11 Aug 2015
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