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+ BPF response to 'Draft Regulatory Technical Standards on Assigning Risk Weights to Specialised Lending Exposures'

Our response to this EBA consultation on slotting, the regulatory capital mechanism that UK banks must use for real estate lending, notes that slotting is overly simplistic, requires banks to hold more capital than is economically warranted, and has created competitive distortions.

11 Aug 2015

+ BPF response to 'Duty to Report on Payment Practices and Policies'

We responded to BIS' proposals to mandate companies to report on a series of measurements to inform Government about their payment performance, with our response addressing the issue from the perspective of the construction sector.

27 Jan 2015

+ BPF response to 'Enabling Development and Historic Assets'

Our response to his Historic England consultation emphasised that there are cases where enabling development has brought benefits to the asset and its surrounding community, and suggested a phased approach to reaching a complete solution for the asset.

24 May 2017

+ BPF response to 'Enforcement Reforms – 1 year post implementation review'

Our response to this MoJ review of the Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery (CRAR) scheme highlights a few ongoing problems with the new regime, including the pure-rent policy and the requirement for seven days' notice of enforcement, and makes recommendations to improve CRAR.

31 Jul 2015

+ BPF response to 'Fixing our broken housing market'

Our response to government's consultation on its Housing White Paper is supportive of proposals concerning build to rent, infrastructure, and housing groups with specific needs, but urges government to reconsider plans around the granting and implementation of planning permissions.

2 May 2017

+ BPF response to 'Follow up work on BEPS Action 6: Preventing treaty abuse'

Our response to the OECD's consultation sets out how their proposals could be improved to ensure that any efforts to tackle perceived tax abuse do not inadvertently stem the flows of capital into real estate.

9 Jan 2015

+ BPF response to 'Greater flexibilities for change of use'

Our response to DCLG's consultation sets out our views on proposals, which we welcome, to provide greater flexibilities to allow change of use from retail to residential properties.

15 Oct 2013

+ BPF response to 'Historic Environment (Wales) Bill'

Our response to this Welsh Assembly consultation is broadly supportive of many aspects of the Historic Environment (Wales) Bill, but makes a few recommendations around engagement with owners, resourcing, and guidance.

19 Jun 2015

+ BPF response to 'Housing for older people inquiry'

Our response to this CLG Select Committee inquiry highlights the lack of adequate specialist housing for elderly people as well as planning policy which encourages the development of this asset class.

24 Mar 2017

+ BPF response to 'How to improve access to rented housing for the under 35s'

Our response to the APPG on the Private Rented Sector argues that encouraging institutional investment into the Build to Rent sector is the best way to ensure young people have long-term access to housing.

9 Jun 2014
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