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+ BPF Successes and Challenges 2014/15

A summary of our biggest successes across all policy areas in 2014, as well as what we'll be working to achieve in 2015.

1 Jan 2015

+ BPF response to 'Follow up work on BEPS Action 6: Preventing treaty abuse'

Our response to the OECD's consultation sets out how their proposals could be improved to ensure that any efforts to tackle perceived tax abuse do not inadvertently stem the flows of capital into real estate.

9 Jan 2015

+ BPF response to 'Duty to Report on Payment Practices and Policies'

We responded to BIS' proposals to mandate companies to report on a series of measurements to inform Government about their payment performance, with our response addressing the issue from the perspective of the construction sector.

27 Jan 2015

+ BPF response to Draft Finance Bill 2015: Diverted Profits Tax

Our response to the draft Finance Bill's Diverted Profits Tax outlines some concerns with the proposals as drafted and recommends pushing the implementation date past April 2015, to allow for a second round of consultation on a more finalised draft legislation.

4 Feb 2015

+ BPF response to Draft Finance Bill 2015: Capital Gains Tax - non-UK residents and UK residential property

Our response to Treasury and HMRC's Capital Gains Tax proposals praises their thorough and collaborative consultation process, that we engaged with throughout, but highlights a few areas of technical detail that require further consideration,

4 Feb 2015

+ BPF response to 'Statement of Insolvency Practice 16 - Pre-packaged sales in administrations'

We responded to the Joint Insolvency Committee's consultation on accepting the Graham Review's redrafting of SIP16. Our response welcomes their efforts to review her work, but note areas where the original drafting offered greater clarity to creditors. 

4 Feb 2015

+ Unlocking Investment in Primary Healthcare Infrastructure

This paper sets out a vision for private sector investment in primary healthcare infrastructure, explaining the benefits and savings of updating and renewing the primary care estate.

6 Feb 2015

+ BPF response to 'BEPS Action 4: Interest Deductions and Other Financial Payments'

Our response to OECD's consultation on proposals to clamp down on tax Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) argues that the proposals be better targeted, to avoid causing ‘collateral damage’ and having a damaging impact on investment in the built environment.

6 Feb 2015

+ BPF response to 'The future shape of the English Housing Survey'

Our response to Government proposals to make cost-saving changes to the English Housing Survey. We argue that limiting the scope and frequency of the Survey would negatively impact industry efforts to support and develop the residential sector.

16 Feb 2015

+ BPF and CREFC response to 'Deduction of income tax from payments of yearly interest: private placements'

Our joint response to HMRC's consultation supports the initiative to reduce the tax impediment to the UK private placement market, and makes a few recommendations on how the proposals could be improved.

27 Feb 2015
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